Quality Services Provided Are:

B&W Copying and Printing: This service may not need explanation, but Copy N’ More does more than copy. We have high speed machines capable of copying, printing, sorting, and collating 100 copies per minute in sizes from 8.5″x11″ to 11″x17″. Typical jobs include: Construction Spec Books, Any Word Processing Document, Multiple Copies of a Report, Brochure, and More.

Color Copying and Printing: If you have a color photo or a booklet for a presentation that you need copied, this is the place to do it with brilliant colors in sizes from 8.5″x11″ to 11″x17″. Typical jobs include: Printed Copies of Slide Show, Newsletters, Promotional Flyers, Charts and Graphics, and More.
Digital CAD Printing: Bring in a disk or email your documents, and we can turn them into drawings for as many plan sets as you need.

Oversized B&W Copying and Printing: This is our specialty. We can take your disk, set of plans, or emailed drawings, and turn them into as many sets as you need for Black & White or greyscale documents larger than 11″x17″ including all sizes of construction documents. Typical jobs includes: Construction Drawings, Posters and Signs, Maps, Enlargements & Reductions, and More.

Oversized Color Copying and Printing: Digital color to impress viewers with sizes from 12″x18″ upto 52″ wide. Typical jobs include: Architectural Renderings, Posters and Signs, Point of Purchase Displays, Tradeshow Graphics, and More.

Bid Set Management: This service is provided especially for our Developers, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Architectural and Engineering clients. Why try to organize and train your employees to handle this critical procedure? We have an Online Planroom for Bid Set management and Distribution that has proven successful for other clients. Let us handle the headaches for you.

Scanning: Do you have drawings or pictures that you would like scanned? We can digitally scan them and then print them or save them on a CD disk for you.

Foam-Core Mounting: We’ll professionally mount your presentation materials on white or black foam core boards up to 30″x42″.

Fax Sending and Receiving: Don’t have time to drive all the way back to the office for a fax? We can send and receive your faxes here.

Finishing Services: In our finishing department, we put the final professional touches on your documents (Hole Drilling, Stapling, Binding, Folding, Shrinkwrapping, Cutting, Padding & Bookletmaking)

Graphic Design: Graphic Design can be a real challenge. If you need experienced, professional assistance, we’re here. Sometimes all you need is a little spark of creativity to push you over that block. Call us.

Laminating Services: Protect it with quality laminating while you wait.